Note the type of software that you use. Software circulating in the market today, especially for the type of game that requires a lot of "3-D acceleration", if you are serious fans of the game is time we upgrade the VGA card that uses the latest chip model, such as the 3dfx Voodoo 3, ATI Rage 128, Matrox G400, nVidia Riva TNT2 who already have memory ranging from 16MB to 32MB (may also be more).

Whether you are a user of AutoCAD, Lightwave 3D, a professional 3D package or other? For this you need a VGA card that has a feature that both OpenGL and if you need a "real-time previews" they needed a large amount of RAM. What is the fans and users of Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, or other 2D graphics processing? For this you need a VGA card with a high speed supporting the "refresh rate" is high on the high resolution also, in general, requires VGA card with at least 16MB memory.

If you spend some time with your Microsoft Word, Quicken, or Netscape? Business applications in general can work well with almost any type of VGA card on the market, such as: S3 Savage, ATI Rage Pro, or Intel i740.

How much money do you need to prepare? you may dream to have a VGA card that can be required for the purposes of all kinds of games to business applications, but when funding is limited of course very difficult to get it. As possible when you have a budget of less than USD 30 you will only get VGA card that supports 2D applications, while for the VGA card that is required to run the game, 2D/3D game may well need around USD 30 - USD 300, and for users professional graphics applications that require the funds be in excess of USD 1000.

Computer system that is used; 3D Accelerator card is the fastest on earth will not be useful if you have a CPU is not sufficient. A 200MHz Pentium MMX can not provide the maximum results in a fast 3D card. Be better if the balance of the system. For example, such as CPU AMD K6-2 / 3 and AMD K7 and Intel Pentium II / III have any special instructions that improve the performance of a maximum of more graphics data in the process.