CCTV has a camera that will transmit video images to a specific place and a limited number of televisions. The difference in the form of television CCTV monitors can not receive another, even if in the same area though, unless the monitor has been entered into the CCTV area. CCTV systems typically used for CCTV security systems or commercial systems when people need it if was in a dangerous environment. CCTV was first made by Walter Brunch, and installed in a rocket launching area in Germany. Because the launch felt dangerous, and many people who want to watch, it was made so that CCTV can be described in detail about the launch.

CCTV technology is still used to see the launch of a rocket, but extends its functions to the bank's security, military institutions and other places that require high security. In 1990 and 2000, begun CCTV cameras used in public areas, such as on a street corner in the UK. CCTV technology has made the evolution of road safety in the public and private sector. CCTV is also allowed by law to complete environmental crime in the area, where CCTV cameras installed.

Today, CCTV camera easily identified by everyone. Many CCTV cameras are mounted on the ceiling, walls or roof of the building. CCTV cameras have a lens on the front, and to CCTV a new model is black and small shape, can also do 360-degree turn maneuver, and serves as a CCTV recorders that can we play again The presence of CCTV as a security tool sometimes makes it difficult sometimes not. For security needs strict monitoring, it will require the presence of HR as an operator or monitoring officer. Whereas if CCTV is only used as a means of documentation or evidence at a later date. Operators only need to record it.


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