AMD computer producers release their new products in the form of a dedicated video card for the professional segment, the AMD FirePro V8750. FirePro new model is based on RV770 graphics core, but with a capacity greater memory, which is about 2 GB of GDDR5. Digital content creation and high-class CAD solutions need a video card with high performance and affordable price. AMD FirePro V8750 provides high-class graphics performance with support for 2 GB of memory buffers, making a professional video card ever.

AMD FirePro V8750 comes with the RV770-based core 55nm, with a speed of 750 MHz and 800 stream processors. This video card supports Shader Model 4.0 (DirectX 10.1) and Open GL 2.1. 256-bit memory bandwidth to work on the 115 GB / s and is useful to help the graphics professionals who require high performance. Support PCI Express 2.0 and two display ports, one DL-DVI output and output Stereoscopic makes this card is one with a complete cable connection. AMD FirePro V8750 video card makes it faster and easier for you to use. As for quality there is support for animation rendering process, whether it is for graphic design and architecture.