To overcome the problems that exist on the hard disk is not easy. Although you have kept well, sometimes the hard disks are often problematic. Some hard disk problems that often provide the solution we found here. Our advice, find a companion that more experts to improve before the hard disk. And do not forget to make backups of data in the hard disk before doing repairs, this is done so that data are not lost if the damage occurred.

Hard disk is not detected
When you dismantle a hard disk often, problems that often appear between the hard disk is not detected. This is caused by several things, but usually caused by the installation of the cable that is not correct, or
CMOS settings wrong. Some of the issues that you may often find are:

Disk boot failure
Disk boot
failure message usually appears during the booting process, when you boot disk does not exist.

Solution 1
In general, the message means that the process can not detect the boot disk that stores
operating system. Hard disk is not the only one boot disk, a CD ROM and floppy disks can also make your boot disk. The problem is, if you have to tell the PC to boot disk that you use?

Check the location of the boot disk in the CMOS setup in the BIOS. Usually there are four order of the boot disk in this window, which is floppy drives, hard drives, CD ROM, and the other. You must remember, the disk is used for booting the file must have a standard process used for booting. Floppy disk or a non-bootable CD used as a boot disk will appear in this error message.

Solution 2
Another possibility is the power cable or the
IDE cable on the hard disk is not installed properly. How to cope with is how to check the cable that connects the hard disk with the motherboard. Make sure all cables are in good condition and installed correctly.

Hard disk fail
The meaning of this message is the hard disk is not recognized by the PC.

Solution 1
This can be caused by the installation of cable on the hard disk that is not perfect, or the cable is damaged.

Solution 2
Perhaps one of your
CMOS settings in the set, or any other damage. When you use the Intel Pentium processor or higher, CMOS detection Arrange in a position auto. Other damage that can occur is damage to the motherboard slot.

Fixed disk failure
Symptoms are similar with the boot disk failure. The message may appear between the other is a fixed disk 0 failure, 1 fixed disk failure, fixed disk failure C, D or fixed
disk failure.

Solution 1
This is common when you forget to make setting jumpers on more than one hard disk. Error settings in the
CMOS hard disk can also lead to the emergence of these error messages.

Solution 2
No detection of the partition a hard disk can also appear in this error message, especially when this happens after doing the hard disk partition. Format the hard disk that can not perfect is also one of the causes. You can make checks by running the fdisk command in
DOS mode. If your hard disk partitions are detected but not recognized, then you must make the process of re-partitioning.


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