Is your computer performance has begun too low? Many things can cause the performance of a computer can be reduced significantly. Some causes include hard disk capacity is full, too many temporary files from the Internet, many computer viruses that attack your computer system, or computer memory may also exist in the system is not adequate when compared with the applications used on existing computers.

To overcome this, many ways that you can do to make your computer performance can return to normal. Some things you can try to restore performance your computer such as adding hard disk capacity perform regular antivirus scans, do the disk cleaning system, as well as upgrading computer memory that you currently use.
The easiest way to overcome this is to upgrade your computer memory. This is for several reasons, among them is much easier for you to do, quickly, and also can provide maximum results and also with a fairly low cost. But a few things you should consider before doing an upgrade of computer memory, such as:

  1. Note the type of memory on your computer right now, whether the type DDR1, DDR2, or DDR3. This must be what you really pay attention because if something goes wrong in choosing the type of memory, usually often happens "Hang" on your computer.
  2. The speed of memory you use should be the same, between the current memories with a memory that you will use to add the capacity of existing ones, such as cache memory with PC4300, PC 7200, and so on. If you combine two different types of speed cache memory that is, for example, put together with PC7200 and PC4300 then it can be ascertained it will not work, and your computer will go "hangs".