Windows is easy; you only need to click twice to open a file. For example, if you double-click the file. Doc the application of Microsoft Word will open. But how to find the windows if the file extension is not known? Usually, the windows will appear with the Open box, and you can call the box open with only with the right-click the file. So that we can determine the appropriate application to open a file, understand the extension following:

File documents
Computers are now generally equipped with various multimedia capabilities to develop such as. So, the words should be required by each computer. Here are some file extensions that are often found in the computer:

. Txt
Extensions to a text file indicate the most simple. Text in the file does not have this in our format, so it can be opened by all word processing applications, including Notepad.

. rtf
Rich text format document type that is most ideal for sending text with a number of formats. A word processor such as Microsoft Word or WordPad can open.

. doc
This is the file extension that is created with Microsoft Word; you can select the box open with a program.

. xls
This file is the results of the text with Microsoft Excel. You can open it with the software, spreadsheets and other applications, such as Open Office.

. ppt
File with the extension. Ppt is processed creator of the document presentation, Microsoft Power Point, one of the programs in Microsoft Office Suite package.

. pdf
This is a document format that is often used to distribute documents via the Internet. Created with desktop publishing applications and you can open with a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download for free.

. htm and. html
If you find files with extensions such as this, it means the files are designed to appear via a web browser. Typically, the windows will open this type of file with Internet Explorer program.

. csv
If you open the files with extensions such as this to a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, it will appear that the data separately by commas. In addition, you also can open this file with the word processor as Microsoft Word.

File compression
Software for compressing the data proved easier for computer users in the data. The main objective is to make the file size to be smaller, capacity and space in your PC are not quickly exhausted. In addition, the files also easy to transfer, especially via e-mail.

. zip
If you receive a file with the. Zip, meaning that digital data has been in ZIP format. To open it, you can utilize a variety of software is generally free, for example, WinZip.

. rar
This type of compression, other than the ZIP file, you need a program Winrar, to be able to open the contents of the file compression.

. cab
When you install an application such as Microsoft Word, your PC will automatically read the program stored in a file Cabinet. Then, the file will be placed in a precise, so smoothly. If you need to open a file like this, you need a Windows application System Configuration Utility.


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