If you have a hobby in the fields of computer, whether related to hardware, software, and also various kinds of trouble shooting, you've never experienced a variety of interference, whether the error in the hardware, and also problems in the software that you install. Various kinds of disturbances occur frequently, especially if you often assembly the computer. Usually things like this happen at the time you finish up the hardware components, such as hard disk, motherboard, memory, processor, VGA, and another component, and also some hardware support. In making a component of the hardware, then here you have a high accuracy are required, although each is in the hardware design of such system with "Plug and Play", so the possibility of errors can occur reduced.

However, it does not mean mistakes will not happen. For instance, for example, if you install one of the jumpers are on the back of the hard disk drive, the motherboard can not recognize the hard drive. Why? Because if you use a one hard disk only, the software will assume hard disk as "Primary Master", but if you install one in the position of jumpers, for example, the position of "Slave", the BIOS will not recognize the hard drive, so the computer can be a new you just can not install booting process next.

In addition, small errors often occur if you are still using Windows 98 operating system, where you still have to use the startup disk booting, if at the time you finished making the disk booting, and you forget to remove the floppy, then this is also can cause the error occurred, where the error is often to make us dizzy, but the solution is very simple, that is, turn off the computer, then remove the floppy diskette is booting, and then turn on your computer again, enter the BIOS menu, and change the BIOS settings on the menu at the first position HDD, after that press escape key, then your computer will be guaranteed return to normal as they are.

From some of these, then we should note in this case is we have to install all components, whether hardware, software, and also some components that support should be installed in accordance with their respective position, because any little mistake is not justified, because it will cause damage on your computer.