How many e-mail you send and receive every day? Can you skip the e-mail within a day or two days? Yes, the e-mail (Electronic mail) has become part of our lives every day. What you do with the e-mail program? E-mail message first delivered in 1971 by an engineer named Ray Tomlinson .Before this, the messages can be sent only to users in one machine .About Tomlinson technology is the ability to send messages to other machines on the Internet.

Create further development of e-mail program that is increasingly sophisticated. Is the ability to go through just to send and receive messages? A program e-mail can be used to select messages, and also to avoid the spam or viruses. Have you utilize the advantages offered by an e-mail client? Or e-mail program is only as a message sender? Take advantage of every feature offered by e-mail program you. Each program has a different feature, one with the other.

When the number of incoming messages to your Inbox relative many, you can work and processes more efficiently with a feature called with the rules or filters. With this feature, you can sort incoming message and automatically put into a folder that you specify. Even without anti-spam, you can drive out messages from spammers with e-mail rules. An large e-mail selection you can with this one feature.

Many users on one PC? Not a problem, because most e-mail program has to include features settings for multiple user. In here, you must do is create a shortcut to the e-mail program, for each user. But when some have accounts at once, you can set them up with features such as Identities (Outlook Express) or Personalities (Eudora).

Want to see the use of your e-mail every day? If you use Eudora, you can do so with the click of statistical tools. This statistic shows how many messages you receive and send in one day, week, and month or year .You can also check the number of attachments you send and receive, and how many messages have been read. Sent from the folder, you can see how many e-mail messages that you have responsibility, forward and redirect.



how about avoid the spam?