Since the virus that is disbursed through the Internet, the antivirus service is also growing rapidly. Indeed, all existing antivirus capabilities to offer protection against computer system. Currently, there is some antivirus software that is quite good and effective in protecting your computer system. Some antivirus software is familiar to users of laptop or desktop PC.

AVG 8.0
If you want a free and have the ability that is sufficient, you can choose AVG. AVG has the ability to detect and scan the disk to flash the ease of entry and update the virus. Firewall to limit the port against intruders via the Internet and updated periodically. To update the process, quite limited, unless you use a paid version of AVG.

Norman Virus Control
Under the license of vaccine, antivirus Norman is popular enough in the world. Excess Norman antivirus application that is light enough, so do not burden the resources of your PC or laptop. Thus the performance of the laptop is not much reduced as a result of this antivirus. Update from Norman itself is very effective, so if you subscribe to antivirus software, but there are any updates, the computer will automatically to update itself. In addition, there are features that control or scan through the internet. Another of the update is fast enough for the virus "brontok." This is evident when the arrival of the virus is sufficient to create a headache, because some free antivirus software is not able to eliminate the virus this one.

Avira is one of the antivirus software that came from Germany, also provides a free version. Recommended for the free version of AVG with the same relative. Avira antivirus incoming range of powerful enough, a scan is used manually and can be scheduled to automatically update periodically.

Kaspersky lab
Kaspersky lab, a company engaged in security applications, with the famous products are currently reliable enough. Two products, namely Kaspersky Antivirus 2009, and Kaspersky antivirusKaspersky Internet Security 2009, a mainstay Kaspersky lab. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 also uses filtering module with the application of innovative technology combines the use of the host intrusion prevention system (HIPS) module with proactive and integrated firewall. Thus, this program can identify the various Threats, which is known, or not.


To be protected on the Internet an Anti-Virus is a must. I'd used AVG, Avast and Norton and host of others too.
Thanks for this write up

Good tips on antivirus. Very informative indeed. :P

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what do you think of the Avast virus program?

avast antivirus is the good one, please try,because i have use this.

AVG in my view has been the best. Though all of us at GadgetLite including myself use Mac and don't really need antivirus, I do use VMware Fusion to run Windows for certain softwares and I have AVG installed there just in case. AVG has been invaluble, simple, effective doesn't consume too much memory so I'd definitely recommend giving it a go!

U forget to include Norton v2009.
This latest version has improved a lot from the resources consumption and scanning speed... It's really an excellent AV

thanks mas atas koreksinya,sukses selalu,OK

i have been using avira for about a year already. it has fared well and i've never had any virus so far. i highly recommend it.