Not a few people that use the USB disk as a hard disk, so is planted into a computer, can be used directly, or we know that the term Plug and Play. And perhaps because the current capacity is large enough, so most people use the USB data storage as prove permanent. However, in this case we often forget that the use of the USB disk is not in accordance with the standards will cause the USB disk is easily damaged or affected by the virus, which ultimately will harm our own. Therefore, there are some things that need to be taken so that the Flash disk can be durable fields, namely:

Support file system
File system used by the flash disk is usually FAT or FAT32, this is because most flash disks are compatible with all types of computers, whether PC, or laptop.

Avoid places from the humid
In the case of saving such as media flash disk, should we also must consider the storage to flash disk, which can not be in a humid, or exposed to sunlight, because the components of the flash disk is very vulnerable to two things ,because it expected to save the place dry, and not humid.

Not detected by the operating system
USB flash disks can only be active or detected from the USB port if there is a flow of electricity. Because some USB flash disks require electric current, because if the flow of electricity shortages usually flashes disk can not be detected by the windows. If you have conditions like this, does not need to worry, because the solution is very easy, if you use a USB extension cable, disconnect the cable, and then direct the flash disk Plug it into the USB port of your computer.