Internet access is increasingly spyware creators make much more freely run. It is not spyware virus or worm, but what spyware is far more dangerous, because he was spy that you continue to lurk system. Even without the Internet spyware can be installed by someone to spy on all that you do. Moreover, when the system was connected to the Internet, then all activities you will easily be from the distance, including access to your important documents.

To avoid spyware activities before, you can take advantage of several shareware spyware removals of the many available. But before the removal was installed, should enable the system restore point in XP. This is to anticipate a time when the crash occurred in the system. Below is some kind of spyware removal tool to overcome these:

Spyware Blaster
This tool is effective enough to block all the spyware to be installed in the system. In addition, the data is owned by spyware Blaster enough, so many are able to recognize a variety of spyware outstanding. In addition to preventing the entry of spyware in the system, this tool is also able to identify and clean spyware that are already in the system previously.

SpyBot Search & Destroy
The ability of the software is also good, and quality equivalent to the Ad-Aware, especially in containing the feature "Immunize" that allow users to block ActiveX controls in the list (with a similar technique in KillBit Spyware Blaster). Besides, it is also able to build a SBHelper Browser Helper Object that can directly plug-in in Internet Explor.