How quickly shut down the system
Turn the computer from the start menu is quick and easy, but do not know a command prompt for the same thing. Also offers a shutdown command parameters for the user log off from your account,
restart the computer, and turn off the system and cancellations. When you have experienced to be booting to the command line (command line) to overcome a problem, know how to work this command will be useful for you.

Close all open programs to prevent data loss. Open command prompt from the Start menu * All Programs *Accessories, and click Command Prompt. At the command prompt, type shutdown-s. Press enter or return on the keyboard. Shutdown dialog box will appear. To cancel the shutdown is in progress, at the command prompt, type shutdown-a.

Other options are-r to restart the system,-m \ \ computer name to turn a remote computer, and-l to log off the computer. To see all the options, type shutdown /? at the command prompt. Congratulations to try.

Changing the performance of the program
You can adjust the performance of programs that are open and which are working in the background so that better. Open the
Control Panel in the system. Advanced tab, Performance section, click Settings. Go to the advanced tab, the Processor scheduling; click Programs, to determine more processor resources to programs that are open to the program of work in the background. Click the background service for a set of resources equivalent to the entire program.

Choosing the option Programs, response time will produce a more subtle and more quickly to programs that are currently active. If you want the task of working in the background, such as the Backup utility, to work more quickly, choose Back-ground service.