Instant Messenger applications such as ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger lets you create a personal profile that describes who you are, name, hobbies, gender, home address, and of course e-mail address. This is clearly dangerous, because this is one of the main sources of data for the consumption of spammers and other Internet crimes. To preserve your activity in the use Instant Messenger, allow the profile is empty. Or if there is a field filled, fill with the fraudulent data. But the steps above have not yet safe enough. Employees who have access to the network between your PC computer with a host of service providers Instant Messenger that you can use a hack and data traffic sign your message.

If you use Instant Messenger to communicate only regular exchange of data and is not important business, this may not be a problem. But when the business was important, then you need additional facilities additional security. If you want to secure the activities of Instant Messenger with a number of encryption and other security measures, use utility Zone Labs IM secure. This free application can be from the same company that makes firewall zone alarm at this site . You are using a personal firewall is the most popular and certainly would not use confused