Maybe most of us only know the form of the virus exe file type (application) only, as most viruses such as exe files. In many types of files that potentially infected and can transmit the virus when running. So often we are not aware that the file is run it can contain the virus. With some types know it, hopefully we can be more careful. Here are some types of files that are often infected with the virus and can transmit most of the back when the file is run.

Script file
The file is a script file that contains the script / code and the program can be translated by a computer to directly control the software applications other. Some of these files include:

  • BAT (Batch Files), is a script file in MS-DOS and Windows.
  • Vbs (VBScript), Windows scripting language Visual Basic is limited.
  • JS (JavaScript), this file can not be directly active, but is run by a web browser, through an HTML file.

File documents
File documents that are often infected with the virus is Microsoft Office files, especially DOC (Word, Excel and Access database). Virus Macro viruses usually form, which is active if the document is run and can infected template file, so that all the files will be opened further affected by the virus. Around the year 2007, starting a PDF file used by the virus to include certain code in the document. Usually the form of Trojan. Cons PDF used a virus to insert the code, so that when the PDF is run, a Trojan virus, which can install itself to the computer.

Executable binary files
Executable binary files, the file contents are translated by a computer program. This file consists of several types of Windows:

  • EXE (executable / application), file type is a file that is often infected with the virus and most viruses also form exe. Many viruses that can be attached to the file, and so run, the virus spread and infected the original computer.
  • DLL (Dynamic Link Library) and OCX the actual format of the same type of EXE, but not directly run, but used by other files such as EXE, so the virus can also infected this file type.
  • SCR (screensaver), this file also like exe format only, which meant the file screensaver. When it starts, the screensaver will appear. Therefore, the virus often appears duplicate, so that when the screensaver is on, the actual virus is active.
  • COM (Command File) can be Text or Binary files that run under DOS / MS-DOS. Early-generation form of the virus is likely this COM file.


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