Some time ago, Opera released beta version of Opera browser is a series of 10.60, which is now more than 50% faster than previous series. In addition to increased speed, Opera added 10.60 Beta features the latest Web standards, such as Geolocation and WebM already HTML5, Video support, and ease of use features. 10.60 Opera is available for all platforms, and you can download at http://www.opera.com/next. Creating the fastest browser is not restricted to being the best, Opera also optimize to deliver some extra features in all things, from opening new tabs, loading pages faster, speed dial, and also the stable manager tab.

Performance : Do not let the browser blocking performance. The latest version of Opera is faster than some previous versions, especially on some excellent features.

Geolocation : Let the browser find it for you. Geolocation can give very accurate results of what you're looking for.

Video : Watch the video becomes faster and easier. Opera is now equipped with WebM, open video format and better quality, where this feature is integrated directly in the browser, so you can enjoy the video with a view that is more stable.

Appcache HTML5 and Web Workers: appcache features several different applications you can use, such as Word processor, image editor, spreadsheet, and several other applications.