One important factor to maintain the reputation and the existence of a website or blog especially those using self hosting services such as choosing the right hosting provider and quality. If the server is frequently down will definitely disappointing and detrimental to the owner of a website or blog, both of SEO, traffic and reputation.

I own so far been quite satisfied with services provided by the company where I put my blog hosting for some, this is because of the hosting discount facilities. Update 24 hours, the server is quite stable and quick to respond when there are things we need. There are a few tips or guidance in choosing web hosting, include the following:

  1. Consider the target visitors blog / your website, if you want the traffic is mostly from overseas, you should use servers located abroad.
  2. Check the features offered such as auto-installer script, email accounts, FTP, SubDomains, parked domains, etc., besides the capacity offered by hosting providers, whether in accordance with your needs and able to adapt in line with the development of your site. Many hosting providers that offer versatile features with a capacity of bombast and only marketing tactic, or a low price with limited features that end up forcing you to pay far more expensive when you need an upgrade. One service provider with a complete feature is hostgator coupon.
  3. Disk Space Quota and Quantities given. Disk Space was the capacity of the server hosting provided it for you, to store your website files. The best option is a hosting package that gives Disk Space in accordance with needs.
  4. Magnitude of the given bandwidth. Bandwidth is the capacity of monthly access provided to access your website. Every person who opens a website or download a file from your website to be displayed in a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, it will eat the bandwidth. Capacity and bandwidth usage will be reset every month.
  5. Domains Allowed. Number of domains that can be used in a hosting package. You can use the first fruit of hosting packages for your entire domain name if the hosting package provides access to it, and you also need to consider the amount of disk space and bandwidth provided, is it enough to run some of your own domain.