For freeware application this week will show some applications you can get for free on the Internet.Some of these applications may be useful for you, there are many applications that you can use include security system, mobile office, video applications, and several other applications. To be clearer, here are some applications you can try:

PDF Merge tool 1.0.0 : When this has been a lot of files and documents using PDF format. Even files that are the result of the scan you can also save in PDF format, which is usually the software to open the file, is already integrated at the time you buy a scanner. If you have received files separately, it will have difficulty to perform a search. For that you need to compile the file so it looks nicer and easier to search. The way that you can do to tidy up the file is to use the application PDF Merge Tools. The application is quite simple and easy to use. You only need to select some files you want combined, compiled, and organized by file type or size of the file.

Unrar Extract and recover : Data security has become an important necessity. Various kinds of ways done by computer users for data and files they have for their safety. One common method used by computer users to secure data is to use a password that is usually already integrated by the time you buy software.This application will compress the file, but at the same time provide your username and password.When you do extract the file, input the correct password is required.

Often, passwords created by users actually make you; this is because there are often forgotten passwords. To address if you forget the password that you have, you can use the application Unrar Extract and Recover. This application is capable of displaying passwords, and extract compressed files using Winrar. Use of this application can be considered positive or negative. On one hand can help the user if they forget the password, while on the other hand can be detrimental to the user because the application can be used by someone else, so compromise the security of your data.