How to optimize your BLOG or site so that may appear in 5th ranks on Google's search engine? One method that you can use is to optimize some SEO techniques. Basically, SEO is not very difficult to learn, especially for those who are still learning to optimize the SEO. There are many ways you can do so they can apply the technique of SEO. SEO is very important for a BLOG or website. This is because the better the position of our BLOG or site in search engines, the more likely others to visit our BLOG. Some SEO techniques you can learn include:

Keyword Research :
Before deciding to create a BLOG, you have to do research on keywords that are sought after on the Internet. For this purpose, there are many tools you can use; one of the most recommended is using Google's Keyword Tools.

Keywords Competition : Once you find a keyword that you think could be the theme of your BLOG, then the next step is the level of competition of that keyword. Some keyword tools you can use to determine the level of competition for that keyword.

Choose Domain Name : Before you determine the theme of a BLOG which you will create, then you'll want to choose a domain name that contains keywords for the theme of the BLOG. For example you will create a BLOG about home improvement; you can choose a domain name that matches the theme of your BLOGS.

Write Articles on Regular Basis : Writing articles regularly will help your BLOG to be more quickly indexed by search engines.Writing articles on a regular basis you can do, such as one article every day. And do not forget on each article to be inserted keywords you want to optimize.

Optimize Meta Tags : For you users of BLOG with WORDPRESS platform, SEO optimization can be done through Meta tags that exist on the Dashboard. You can write some keywords are targeted to be optimized.

Link Exchange : One optimization SEO tips is to do a link exchange with other BLOGS. It is intended that we get a BACKLINK from that site. There are some services exchange links that you can get both free and paid. But one thing you should look if you want to do a link exchange system, try to do link exchange with similar sites or BLOGS, both in topic and theme.

BLOG Walking : This method is most often done almost all BLOGGERS. With a BLOG walking behind the visit is expected to be received from the owner of the BLOG. But there is a separate ethics in providing comments, which do not give comments that are spam.

Article Directory : To get more back links, you can use article directory site. Where is the working principle of the article directory is very simple, we do submit the article with a specific theme, then at the bottom of the article we wrote the bio that can be inserted a link, where if visitors click on the link it will go to our site.

From some of the tips above, simple steps you can do is to write articles regularly, wrote an interesting article, so readers will be happy to be a loyal visitor to your BLOG. And do not forget to fill the article with something that could help the reader solve a problem and provide solutions.