As we know, the development of portable data storage becomes more varied, both in terms of price and capacity are offered. You can try the device in accordance with your wishes. One manufacturer of USB flash disks which I'm sure you already know, the technology has been released Kingston flash disk with a size of 256 GB, and according to the manufacturer this is a USB cable with the largest capacity in the world's first. The product is a Kingston Data Traveler 300.

Capacity capable of storing data is very large, or almost the same as blue ray 10 bits size 25 GB, 54-capacity DVD 4.7 GB, or the equivalent of 365 CDs 700 MB size. As for storing MP3 files, photos, and data files are able to reach thousands of files. While the data transfer speed can reach to read 20 MB per second, you write data to 100 MB per second. Especially for computer operating systems that use Windows 2000, XP, and Vista is equipped with integrated data is password. So you can protect some of the data contained in it without the worry will be opened by someone else. But for now there has been no confirmation about the price of these devices.