If you have a blog, and want to display your blog more interesting and make your blog visitors are comfortable to read the articles there are on your blog, and always a routine visit to your blog every day, this may be one factor which is the attraction for your blog, as the existence of a banner ad, in addition to the quality of blog content itself. Meanwhile, the banner itself you can get the free ads. Indeed, as we know, a function is one of the banner as a means to promote the blog or we can also be used as a means of marketing our product through a blog that comes with the banner.

Many types of banner ads that we can display it on a blog. Whether the banner is an image or text. In addition, the current banner using flash animation has also been widely used. This certainly has unique. To create a banner necessary expertise apart, especially the field of graphic design. One of the programs that we can use to create a banner is to use Photoshop. But what if we are less advanced in using this program? One solution is to create a banner using the banner of free facilities are on the Internet.

There are many sites that provide banner accessories for your blog, whether they are free or paid. If you already have a banner that match the theme of your blog, then the next step is to install a banner on your blog. Banner You can usually attach to the side bar or in the header can also blog. Meanwhile, if you want to promote your blog, things you can do is to exchange links, either by using the banner link, or by using the link text.

But usually required to install the banner space is quite large, this is because the banner itself has a variety of sizes, both width and size to the size of the data. A banner with the use flash animation data usually have a capacity far greater than if the banner is just a static image.