IF YOUR COMPUTER SOUND "tiiit ... tiiit ... tiiit"

Various kinds of damage that is often caused by the hardware on your computer is very diverse types, from the damage VGA card, processor damage, damage to the hard disk, CD rom, or can also damage caused by your computer's power supply is less stable in the voltage discharge to some components of the computer. If such damage is not repaired soon, the possibility of a more fatal damage can occur any time, to overcome it in an existing damage on the computer, we must understand the true signs of damage to it.

We are in charge here for more about the hardware or components that are on your computer, so hopefully if any damage of this kind, you do not need to worry, because by it, you can overcome the damage and fix it. Have some type of damage that have components on your computer, and the damage can be known with the sound caused by them. Here I will try to give a few tips on how to overcome the damage, especially damage caused by your computer's memory (RAM). But signs of damage caused by RAM is usually accompanied by the sound "tiit ... tiiit ... tiiit," if you hear the sound, it is ascertained that this comes from damage to the memory ( RAM ), is based on the experience of me, then what the next if we do have it? That we need to do is:

  • Remove the memory (RAM) from the slot on the motherboard, in removing the memory you should be careful not to pin memory (RAM) is damaged or broken.
  • If it is removed, the next step is clear pin memory (RAM) is using a pencil eraser, clean with the pencil eraser to the surface of the pin until you have clean.
  • If it is clean, you can install back into the slot your motherboard that should be remembered, not to capsize in the memory is installed.
  • Installed after the return, then you can turn on your computer.
  • Good try this tip, thanks for your attention.