Protect it better than cure, so your laptop should be protected from virus attacks. If your laptop often interacts with the Internet, the possibility of thousands of virus will try to enter your laptop system. Indeed facilitate the spread of Internet viruses, especially at this time; a virus can spread itself to all the network computer in the network in just seconds. There are several steps to anticipate the virus in your laptop, which are:

  • When you use the Windows operating system, make sure the operating system is the original. Because many of the benefits gained from using the original operating system, one of them is the operating system update.
  • Use the recommended anti virus, good, and tested. You can use the free anti virus available on the internet, but keep in mind, the anti virus is free, usually after three months, the system updates will be stopped or reduced. So who should use an anti virus? Prices for anti virus at this time are not too expensive, only about USD 25 - 30. When you use the anti virus paying, then you should make sure that anti virus has representatives in the region.
  • Ensure that the operating system that you always use in the update, because in fact the security hole is found by a hacker or viruses. This is why the system should be operating in the update. Besides secure from virus attacks, operating system update will also make your laptop run with the stable.
  • Backups your data on a regular basis, this is to prevent the loss of your important data when your laptop was still exposed to the virus. If you often use floppy disks, USB flash or external hard disk, the laptop is used by many people, always remember to do anti virus scanning on the storage media.
  • Be careful against with e-mail attachments. Until now, e-mail attachments are still the most preferred means by the virus to spread viruses. Besides easy to deceive the recipient of e-mail, the spread of the virus through e-mail attachments can also take place very quickly. Never open e-mail attachments before scanning program with anti-virus.
  • You need to be careful when downloading a free program on the internet.