Do you have a personal computer at home? And whether you plan to buy a computer? or if you want to buy a computer, whether you want to buy a package that is ready to use, or want to buy components only, then you own up? I think it all depends on the desire of your own, and also adjusted to the budget you have. But usually if we want to buy a computer that is ready to use, usually in terms of the relatively high price compared to the components we purchase only. But you need to note if you want to buy a computer is a function that you want to use.

If you do not want to use a computer to play 3D games, while you buy a computer with specifications that are less adequate, it will be very useless. But if you want to up their own computer, then you should take the hardware and software that you will use. Here, I will try to give a little guidance on this. But the things that need to be up before your computer is:

If you want to buy a computer casing, then you should consider in terms of price and also the design of the casing itself. This is related to the component that you want to install on the computer casing is later.

If you want to buy a monitor, then there are some things you need to consider, namely whether you want to buy a CRT monitor, or LCD monitor. This is related to the usage monitor is later. If you want to use a monitor for graphic design, it is suggested you use the LCD monitor, because the terms of the quality of the resulting picture is quite good, but in terms of prices, more expensive LCD monitors from CRT monitors.

Processor : If you want the specification processor with the high capacity, then you should also consider the budget you have.

Computer memory : If you consider, at this time are advised to purchase your memory with a high capacity, because in addition to the price that is affordable, as well as various type and the type of memory is on the market. but you need to note here is not until you buy one in a memory, note the memory type, and whether DDR1, DDR2, or DDR3, as it is important to note, because if you buy one, then the memory will not be used.

Graphics card (VGA) : If you want to buy a graphics card, it is recommended to buy the graphics card with a high specification, because the price difference between the capacities does not vary too much. This may be only a little guidance if you want to buy components for your computer, before you start up computer. Later we meet again, thank you.