If we like to play games, then we must also protect our PC from virus attacks. Election must see how the various considerations, between which is the use of light resources, ability to detect the virus, the handling of the virus, the update that is flexible, the start up process, and so forth.

Norton, Symantec's product is quite a lot of complaints by users because of the use of the resources that large, so the slow process in the operating system, the start up process that is too long, and the other process. But this time it appears with the new system, and specifically to the target for the gamer, which is now known by the term gaming Norton Antivirus 2009 edition.

The benefits of anti-virus version of this is if the gamer is often disrupted when dealing with the game play by notification Norton , now can be overcome with the gamer mode. In this mode notification or warning message can be turned off for a while, during a game in progress. It says that the memory consumption currently less than 6 MB, the amount of the small when compared the previous series. Not only that, the process of booting is also made more quickly. Norton product has been available for the operating system Windows XP and Vista.