Disc CD / DVD function to record or store data, which is usually stored in our computer hard drive. Usually the purpose of storage in the CD / DVD this is to save the data, if at any time damaged disk, or to reduce the contents of the hard disk is full. But many things you should consider before choosing a CD or DVD you want to buy, such as capacity, brand, price, and some things that should be your guide in choosing a CD or DVD. Although this looks very simple, but it can affect the quality of the goods if you are wrong in your selection. Simple tips you can use in choosing a CD or DVD of them is:

Look for the CD / DVD of the bottom layer of silver, do not choose a CD / DVD colored lower layer (blue, red or black) because this layer serves to make reading data from CD / DVD that has been burning. If you will buy a CD / DVD, try to buy a CD / DVD from one brand, such as Verbatim. For example, if we want to buy a DVD, you can choose Verbatim DVD-R, and vice versa, if you want to buy a CD, you can choose Verbatim CD-R. As we know, that brand is a brand Verbatim had no doubt the product capabilities, particularly in terms of quality CDs or DVDs.

If we use a brand that we have known or had we used before and no problems when writing and reading CD / DVD, this is an advantage for us in terms of selecting the item. Do not get used to change the brand because there are several brands of CD / DVD burner is less "friendly" with some CD / DVD specific brands, alternatively, you can search for references from people who are experienced in this blank disc selection, or you can find on the internet, brand any good to use.

If you are forced to buy a CD / DVD that is not normally used, try to buy the unit before, try one and see if the writing and the reading went well, if all goes well, you can buy a CD / DVD to the needs. So my tips regarding the selection of CD / DVD blank. I hope this tip useful for you.