You probably already familiar if you find a computer with a very small size, such as netbook. The form is very small indeed, quite interesting. Nettop now existing with smaller form factor and flexible. Why is said to be very small? Because when seen from the size, this nettop has almost the same size internal harddisk premises, ie with dimensions of about 3.5 inch. One such product is Qbox PC-1000 from Taiwan Quanmax producers.

The main advantage of this nettop design course at a small and simple, making it easier for us to take traveling. However, this computer offers the ability to only a limited capacity if you compare it with the Desktop. Qbox PC-1000 uses almost the same components with the latest netbook, which uses Intel's Atom N270 processor. Qbox cooling structure in the PC-1000 uses aluminum material to reduce heat generated. Thus Qbox PC-1000 is more appropriate if placed in a room air conditioner there.

With a small enough size, this allows computers to be brought anywhere. In addition to saving in electric power consumption, because it only uses about 20 watts of power, this nettop treatment also quite easy. Even a meeting design casing, making it difficult to enter nettop dust, so that the cleanliness in the chassis itself can be maintained. In the case of I / O, Qbox PC-1000 is equipped with audio, USB ports, LAN, as well as DVI. Besides, you also can add a wireless connection.