The last few years, the blog feels more important. As it is so many people want to create a blog, whether for business purposes, writing articles, or to provide information to other parties. With a variety of purposes that it is different, people always want to promote their blog to other people to be more popular, so more and more people to visit their blog. Many ways you can do for promote your blog, which are to give a comment on an article found on a blog, exchange links with other blogs, join the social Bookmarking community, such as Digg, Twitter, Blogcatalog, Technorati, and some social networking site which are currently being discussed as crowded Facebook. One of the simplest ways to promote your blog is to give a comment on the article.

However, we frequently encountered, most of them do is just give a brief comment, and seemed to only want to promote their own blog with comment pickup through regardless of ethics, both in terms of language and content of these comments. One example is comments such as "nice post dude," "good article, so please visit my blog too," and many more such comments. Comments such as this with the more we know the term "spam comment". Indeed, this is not prohibited, but should, we must uphold the ethics in an article on, and will be better if we provide comments related to the article.

The comment can be these suggestions, criticisms, or praise. How do we avoid comments that are spam? One of the simplest way if we use the blogger platform that is the way to set up the settings before it's published comments about the tab through the dashboard. Here you can do the settings, where every comment that we can enter select items, for example, we can approve comment for publication or not.

Besides, if you do not want to get difficulties, you can use some spam blocker software that are on the Internet. I think this case we must note, why is that? Because if our blog too many comments that are spam, are not directly reduce our credibility in the search engine, which will ultimately harm ourselves. Therefore, from this moment you must be smart in selecting a comment, is this comments spam or not?