Perhaps many of us (web developers and web designers) mainly based PHP web developer who wants a web hosting service is reliable and dependable. Why is this so important? Because in general a web hosting services they are seeking is a good web hosting, reliable, and affordable price. Some of it is so absolutely necessary, especially for those who run an online business through web hosting services. In choosing a good web hosting, there are several major requirements should be noted, as for some conditions are:

  • Support for good service and always be contacted.
  • Hardware support and a good network.
  • Quality software that is used.
  • Ease of doing updates and setting some of the features found in a host, such as cpanel, email accounts, add on domain, and some of the main features contained in a host.

Often we do not consider factors such services from the hosting. Why do we have to choose web hosting services that support can always be contacted and a good technical support? This is very important for our consideration, because if there is a problem, for example, at some point you need to help setting something on your site, you must contact the support service, although for example there are some things you can do yourself, but often we find it difficult to existing features. Where should be done through customer service interface that is generally provided by the hosting provider.

In addition to these services, hardware support and a good network is also very important for us to know? This is especially worth noting, because the hardware and network support that both the possibility of failure on your site will be very minimal. The choice of a good network is appropriate to target your site visitors, especially if you do business online with targeted marketing in certain countries, such as:

  • If in general the target visitors are from other countries, use hosting that has a large network of support outside the country, whereas,
  • If the target audience you want to go is from the country then you can choose web hosting that has the support of local networks, as for the election of local networks that try to choose a web hosting servers in some places, so you can easily contact the service if you have a problem.