Only by swiping the card, you’ve got a new laptop for your husband or buy jewelry dreams. But unconsciously, you secretly started to sink into credit card debt. Wake-up! Save yourself immediately. The use of credit cards is now more incentive to the promotion of the various card issuers. Some restaurants offer a variety of discounts, shopping, hotels, until the 0% installment. Not a few families who are now using credit cards for everyday purposes.

Although a lot of credit cards, but not the day you become sloppy shopper. You and your family need not buried in credit card debt. Here are tips below:

Only use credit cards for purchases planned
Only use credit cards for purchases that have been included in your monthly regular budget. Thus you can pay up your credit card debt and are exempted from paying interest. Do not us more than 75% of your credit card limit to avoid debt and your credit record remains good in your bank.

Use soft loans rather than credit cards
Loans interest is usually lower than credit card interest. If forced to spend large amounts and cannot pay in time faster better looking soft loans or personal loans to banks. Personal loan interest calculation does not use such general-interest credit cards. Make sure the amount of monthly installment of no more than a third of your income or seek repayment period is longer.

Note the use of your credit card
You are not remembering how much you spent for shopping by using the credit card? Make sure you always save the receipt and expenditure records of each transaction in a record shop purchases. If your credit card usage can be monitored via personal banking site, do not forget to open the site to see how much you spend each week.

Always use a debit card
Shop wisely; use the available money to buy goods you want. If forced to use a credit card, make sure you can pay off their debts in full at the time the bill comes. Another trick if you still want to use a credit card is, after payday; input your spending budget money into the credit card. Do not use credit cards more than the amount of money you have paid.

Reduce your credit card
In essence, do not have too much credit card debt for inevitable. Difficult indeed when choosing which ones should be discarded. Card A discount at a restaurant Z, Card B discount at dept store P, while the card C discount at the coffee shop X. Then which one are you going to waste? Think again, if you drink coffee every day at the coffee shop Z, whether you are every day dining in the restaurant X? Select a credit card that gives the most benefit to your regular expenses.

If you often travel, select a card that gives points to exchange for a plane ticket of provide subscription Cash back on your supermarket or gas station customer. There is no point you also have a credit card with a 50% discount facility at the restaurant X if you eat in restaurants are not necessarily once a month. Choose a different type (Visa, MasterCard, Dinner, Amex, etc) and the most profitable on your regular shopping needs.