Here are tips on choosing the right motherboard for your computer.
  • Find the motherboard that matches your price and needs. At the time of product purchase, make sure how much budget is available to assemble a computer. Adjust the motherboard at an affordable price, the middle class or high class. In addition, first determine the intended use of the PC.
  • Pick the right chipset for the motherboard. Chipset is the main component of a motherboard, and so determine the specifications of the motherboard used. Best motherboard always uses the best chipsets too. Choose the chipset with the latest technology, in order to use the latest hardware support. For example: support DDR/DDR2/DDR3 RAM and Serial ATA hard disk. Manufacturer common chipsets include Intel, Via, and SiS.
  • Make sure the motherboard supports the latest processor usage. It is important for you motherboard can support the newest types of processors. If there is damage to the processor, to replace the processor, so you do not need to be confused to find the right processor for your motherboard.
  • Make sure the motherboard has an integrated hardware (on board) is sufficient. Integrated hardware is an additional feature that has been included on the motherboard, so you do not need to buy additional hardware. Examples of integrated hardware include VGA, audio, LAN, USB, and several features that support. With this facility, you can save money because it can be directly used.
  • Make sure the motherboard driver CD is accompanied. Driver is an application that serves to "introduce" the hardware attached to the motherboard, such as VGA cards, printers, CD ROM, and so on. Without drivers, the device can not run or recognized by the PC system. Make sure the motherboard has been equipped with a Driver CD.
  • Make sure the motherboard has a warranty and after sales service is good. Warranty is very important to ensure a time when your PC is having problems, so you do not need to pay for the repairs.
  • Make sure the motherboard in good condition and complete. Last but not least important is the completeness of the motherboard. When buying a motherboard box-packaged must be accompanied by a CD driver, manual (guide book), cables ATA / SATA / floppy and back-panel (works for coating the back of the chassis as a connector).