An outline of the PC is divided into two main parts, namely hardware and software. As for the hardware component itself consists of several main parts that function to support the performance of a PC, including the memory, processor, motherboard, power supply, hard disk, and some other components there. As for the software itself is a program or application that functions to run the computer system. Software itself can be the operating system, application or system contained in the computer. The existence of hardware and software interact with one another. Often we are experiencing errors caused by the existence of the hardware and software components that are not compatible.

Based on the experience I've ever faced, the damage that often occurs on a computer is the error caused by the computer memory (RAM), and also the processor. Now, how do to determine the damage? Here are some tips for you to try if you find errors caused by the both of these component.

Errors caused by memory (RAM)
If your computer has errors when computer is turned on, and there is no display on your monitor, then this is certainly due to the condition of your memory that does not respond to commands from I / O BIOS, one of the common signs are sound "beeeeep .... beeeeep ... .. beeeeeep". If you hear it, then it is certain that the error was caused by computer memory. To overcome this, there are simple tips you can do: Open the computer casing, removes the RAM, and then clean the PIN memory using the a pencil eraser ( rubber ), after clean you can put again the memory on the socket, after that please turn on your computer.

Error caused by processor
Error caused by a processor similar to the errors caused by memory. Error was also followed by a sound like those found in memory, but there is a difference in the sound frequency error. If the memory error sounds like "beeeeep .... beeeeep ... .. beeeeeep", while the error caused by the processor frequency sounds produced more quickly, ie "beep .. beep .. beep .. beep .. beep .. beep". Usually this is caused by the processor fan is not working, resulting in hot conditions. If you find errors like this, then the simple tips you can do is remove the processor, and make sure the cable for the processor fan has been installed again.