Do you want to change the icon, animation, theme, and some applications in Windows XP to make it more interesting? You can try Xpize application freeware. Which is designed to change the view that there are some applications on Windows XP. As usual, the installation process you can do as the software installation process in general. There are several options that are arranged in categories of themes, bitmaps, welcome screen, wallpaper, and also visual style.

To view a more complete selection, you can click which will display advanced extra options in more detail. On the left is shown also Preview the area, so we can see the display change to happen. In order for the installation process goes smoothly and safely, there is a choice here Undo Changes. After the installation is complete, you are prompted to reboot, initial startup will be slow, and because it would alter the look Xpize determined that takes several minutes to an ongoing process. But do not worry, after this process is complete, Windows will run normally again. There are no other applications except against Task Switch XP Pro that appears in the system tray.

Task Switch XP Pro only duty is to replace a task switcher with a more attractive appearance. You can turn off without turning off the Xpize applications that have been installed. In the final version, in 1200 there were approximately 600 icons and bitmaps with the view that more new and exciting. In order to run smoothly, you should adopt Windows Net.Framework 2.0 SP1 application.