Shell 3.0 is one of the attractive user interfaces for the applicable Windows Mobile operating system, and is also highly compatible to complement the features of Facebook on your phone. We have got a challenge for smart phones can deliver the user interface is attractive and easy to use, especially for social networking applications like Facebook. One of them is to place-based user interface touch screen like the many applications offered by Windows Mobile (WinMo). Although this application is found on some mobile services that use touch screen technology, but it seems Windows Mobile starting with challenges posed by the relatively few new vendors introduce similar technology, such as the Apple iPhone and Symbian S60 fifth edition.

Some efforts have been made by the vendor support WinMo, like the HTC Touch technology is adopted Flo3D and Samsung Mobile with TouchWiz. But to anticipate the market will always be dynamic, still needed a recent innovation, for example by SPB Software House with the release of Spb Mobile Shell 3.0. According to the developer of this software, this application is one of "the next generation user interfaces". Because the shell 3.0 is not only present processor's unique user interface through personalization features, edit the layout and widgets, but one major advantage of the functions of this application is to be connected with social networking sites are the trend today is Facebook. Some of the benefits of this application of them are:

  1. The main strength of this application is located on a personalized display widget. Various kinds of applications you can display on your home screen.
  2. Layout widgets can edit according to our desires, such as size, background replacement, and placement of favorite applications, especially applications you use most frequently.
  3. And as additional widget you can enter in the category add shortcuts, incoming items, indicators, media, and time.
  4. Besides that, there is also a weather forecast application to know the weather forecast in the next three days.
  5. You can directly connect to the Facebook site to take your friends profile pictures, and then can be used as the contact's identity.
  6. Illustration contact favorite, but could take pictures from Facebook, photos can also be taken directly from the camera menu and the memory folders.
  7. Navigation Shell 3.0 can be done through the Carousel view and tiles view.