Just as wise disk cleaner, according WinSysClean name is a junk file cleaning utility that is not in use. Not only limited to the trash file Windows Operating System but also including temporary files from Office applications to the browser automatically be signed. In addition to creating a swell capacity hard disk, some files left behind on Windows that can cause problems such as the system becomes slower, until the crash does not cause the Windows to run as usual.

WinsSysCleaner offer solutions to overcome so that will automatically improve the performance of Windows and relieve the capacity of hard disk file that is not useful. Views WinSysClean quite unique, all located directly in the face of so impressed and densely crowded. There are icons in the middle of the save system function settings by default. So that if an error occurred during the process can reverse the condition as they are.

Cleaning the file consists of several parts of these items that windows handles the Operating System, browser items that consist of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, and the MS Windows registry office. D items on the Windows consist of 12 species that can be selected in accordance with the options. After removal is complete, WinSysCleaner will display a confirmation of the size of the file will be removed from the solution as well as information that has been done, including repair of a damaged registry.

In addition to clean up trash, WinSysClean also detect all the problems in the registry. And for special antipasti that if the process does not run lancer provided to back up the icons and restore the registry. Install file is included WinSysClean 2008 ultimate download manager program that can be installed at the same time to download the file to be more rapid and stable.