There is still using floppy disks? According to Microsoft there is still likely. Evidence, thatWindows 7 will be launched around the end of this year still have features that use floppy disks. This feature is used to secure the Windows. This feature is obtained easily and, most importantly, free. How do I? Provide enough blank floppy, and do the following steps:

Click (start) and fill "syskey" in the search text box. A new Window with the name of "securing the Windows account database" will open. Select option (encryption enabled). After that click the button (update) which is right at the bottom of the Window. In the "start up key" that appears there are two options, (password start up) and (system generated password). Select the second option, (system generated password) to the Windows automatically create a unique password.

When you select option (system generated password), the two new options will appear: (store the start up key on Floppy disk) and (store start up key locally). Select option (store the start up key on Floppy disk) in order to ask the windows key diskette is inserted when the Windows began to run.

It's time you insert a blank floppy diskette has been prepared to drive. After that click (ok) key to start your process. If the disk has been the creation is complete, remove the diskette and close the program syskey. If the diskette has been created, you must insert a floppy diskette as a key.

How to Go Fast Applications : Certainly has all the features in the function of Run, Search, and the Command Prompt is available in the start menu. This feature is used to run the file or the desired application by typing the name and address of the file or application you want to be called.

In some files or applications, you can be called only by typing the name only, for example mspaint.exe, without the path. General or application specific files such as this are put on the Windows folder or the system 32.

To have your application behave the same, you can copy the application to the Windows folder or to a sub folder in the system 32. But just imagine if all the programs are copied to it. The size of the folder Windows will turn safety and of course loading Windows will get slow. Practically tricks, just try to register or file applications to the registry. So, the Windows will immediately recognize the name of the program and who want to be called directly in the execution. Here are his steps:

Run the registry editor by typing "regedit" in the start menu and press (enter), Into sub key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ current version \ app path, and create a new sub key with the name you want, for example, "application.exe, and the last step is double click data named (default) value to the contents and location of the file or application.