You may often save the file, file the form whether music, video, data, or perhaps a picture. Often we are not aware, that the number of files that we have in the computer create storage capacity of hard disk becomes full. And if we leave this case, the performance may not be getting our computer slow. Many things can we do to our computer's performance does not diminish, especially related to the size of the file that we have on the computer. One of the tools available and you may also already know this application, because this ZIP application is very commonly used by computer users in general. Application is a simple program that we know the ZIP term. And where the functions of this application is in order to save disk capacity on our computer without deleting the file itself. The simple application can be explained that this will be the size of the file, but does not reduce the number of the file.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained with the application of which is the hard disk capacity can be sparing about 20 percent. And I think this is enough to help us to overcome the problems associated with the storage capacity. There are many applications of this type is that you can get through the Internet, such as winzip, winrar, and several other applications. And if you are interested to use this application, the first thing you should note is the operating system used on your computer. Whether based on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, or other applications. Because each application usually exists in the use frequently between different operating system is one with the other.