This utility application has a motto "Tune up your PC You Accelerate and Speed in 2 minutes". Here's an application that is offered by PC Booster to optimize the performance of Windows with an easy way in a short time. Ability to improve the performance of the PC Operating System other than Windows also includes common programs like Outlook Express, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, AOL's browser and Windows Media Player. Ease of use seen in the inter-face which is divided into several categories that are tailored to its function as Autotune, Optimize, Stabilize, Customize, and Benchmark.

For those of you who want to optimize automatically and immediately without the need to change the settings one by one can select a category Autotune. When the option is executed automatically, PC Booster will analyze all the problems that have and will know what changes will occur. Another category, namely Optimize function to optimize the performance of the hardware includes the hard disk, memory and network.

While stabilize function to detect and repair all kinds of levels of error and a bug that can decrease the performance of system operation including the option to backup system. Category is intended to further customize that you want to change or modify the view Windows to be more personal and unique. The last benchmark functions show the comparison of the performance of your PC at the time before and after the optimization process takes place.