Despite your powerful computer, the time will come where the performance slowed. And do not forget, each time exploring the virtual world and install the application, your PC will also save a lot of files at that time was indeed needed, but never in the clear when it is no longer used. Unless you remove the initiative after realizing lack of space savings, they will continue to have in there. Many applications are available outside there to help you delete files that are not useful like this.

One is made in KC Kcleaner software below. Appropriate name, the software is designed to wipe out temporary files from your computer to create a more fast. Free status, so the cost need not be a matter of thought. Front of the screen the application provides two cleaning options: manual and automatic. Both will spend the same results, but differ in the process. If you select manual mode, you can do cleaning at any time you like, whereas for the automatic mode, this application will make the necessary cleaning without input from you but with the frequency that you set yourself.

One of the interesting features of KCleaner is possible to delete the temporary data securely. There are three type offered: standard (common cleaning method), 1 pass random (will perform single overwrite with random data), and 3 pass DOD 5220.22-M for the 3 and overwrite security cleaning standards have been adjusted to the U.S. defense department.