The development of information technology at this time to provide many benefits for our lives, especially related to digital devices, whether computer, smart phone, hardware and software. From so many options offered by each device, would have advantages and disadvantages. Similarly if we want to use various computer applications, you can try this. There are several alternative in choosing the device, be it hardware or software. One of the software at this time began to alternative operating system that is based on Linux. Why become a Linux alternative to an operating system? And this application, of course, for several reasons that may also be considered after you try the application software.

As we know, this operating system is released several versions, which I believe you may have to try, among Red Hate, Mandrake, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and some of the latest series, one of which is Knoppix. If you want to try some applications, such as Knoppix Live CD, you can download the application free of charge. From some of the user-based operating system Linux, according to most of them in addition to the application of open source and free, is also more powerful when compared with some applications that have a similar market.

If you want to immediately try this application, you can directly Download Knoppix application on their site, or on some sites that provide software for free. There are several options that you can make the alternative, and can be tailored to the needs of your course. While for the use of the application is not much different with the computer applications in general, only a few there are some differences in terms of navigation, and also the existing term. But this is not expected to make it for you to try the application, and I hope can be an alternative to your computer.