Windows Vista is providing many new features that can facilitate a user in doing the work. However, many users who have not been up to in using some of the features that is on the Windows Vista. In Windows Vista, there are some hidden features. Below are some features that can be utilized to maximize the Windows Vista.

Systeminfo : Windows Vista has the system provides information that can explain the entire system that is used at the time. So you can detect if the experience an increase or decrease the performance of the system is Vista. In order to know all the info system. Then to run systeminfo feature, you can directly access the Command prompt which is in the Accessories menu, then type "systeminfo". If you want to save the note, the Command prompt type "systeminfo> info.txt. Thus the Vista before you can save notes in a file called info.txt. You can open a file before using the notepad.

Gpedit: Actually on Windows Vista you can delete files that are not needed directly, and should not be moved to the recycle bin, because the default file that was deleted in the Vista is first moved to the recycle bin first. To be able to directly delete the file, in the start menu select Run, then type "gpedit.msc", then select User Configuration, Administration Templates, Windows Components, Windows Explorer, and search settings Do not move files to delete the Recycle bin, and then setting selection. In gpedit there are many interface and system options, you should be careful in setting the feature to do, because this feature is only for Windows Vista professional edition.

rundll32.exe : On Windows Vista you can lock the computer with two clicks on the mouse. Before you need to create a shortcut on the desktop. Create a shortcut on the desktop with right mouse click. Then enter "rundll32.exe, user32dll, LockWorkStation" in the location field. Name the shortcut in accordance with your wishes.