Microblogging presence in Indonesia is still new. Use of this site is not as famous as Facebook. However, if your site Twitter or Plurk will not compete with Facebook? Blogging Network explains that there are fundamental differences between Microblogging with Facebook. "Microblogging” are closed. That is, the network created between the user microblogging narrower than Facebook.

If a community becomes too large, the discussion not focused. Relationships that focus can be created because of the similarity in user interest in a matter of microblogging. On development, Twitter does not just write into the event status, but is also used to distribute links to the sites that are considered interesting. In addition, the term is known as Twitter or follows the people. We follow someone because the person is interested in.. There is value here.

Different case if we use Facebook. With this site we can get a friend as much as possible from anywhere. However, we have become a friend on Facebook, we will not be actively in touch with the people of that. In the end we are only dealing with people who are already known or that and only that.

So, who the winner? It all depends on your needs. If you have ambition to get as many friends, Facebook is the right choice. However, if you find a network that communication and better quality, Microblogger is a solution.

Community is very general, too many features. Usually used to that and only that. We sent an application that is often not important in Facebook. Despite our many friends in Facebook, the most frequently associated with our certain people.

Recommended that focus only on a short status update. Network of focus, a few members but the quality of communication that occurred. On the growth of Twitter becomes a means to share a link to the site. The proximity of the same interest and against an issue. Chatting going on in Twitter the withdrawal occurs on a forum. In its development, Microblogging is a communication tool that may replace SMS.