Nobody likes shopping for ink cartridges and although there isn’t a way to make it more exciting there is a way to make it easier and without the hassle of searching for the right ones for your printer. Shopping for replacement ink cartridges on the internet is the easiest way because if like most people you don’t know which cartridges your printer uses you can simply use a search engine to find your cartridges quickly by searching for your printer model followed by the word ink cartridges.

This will give you pages of results from websites that sell your cartridges and they a re all just one click away. This makes comparing prices from the individual suppliers a lot easier and will help you source the best price for your ink cartridges. Buying Epson ink on the internet is particularly good because a number of online retailers offer cheaper alternatives to the branded products and these can save you up to a massive 75%! This is the case for most Epson printers including the new models. Compatible Epson Stylus R285 ink cartridges for example are available from most good online retailers. Overall shopping for ink online is both the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to buy your printer ink cartridges.