Since created 3 years ago by Jack Dorsey, who has achieved popularity very good compared with other microblogging sites around the worlds? This site is always defined to be SMS internet. Twitter popularity until the birth to a number of terms such as "tweet" to post on Twitter, "twitterer" for its users, "twittermob" for the group of users who set the meeting, to "twitterverse" or "twitosphere" to describe the world "twitterer".

To become "twitterer" the good is very simple. You only need to type the text up to 140 characters about what you do and will appear on your profile page and other users who have signed up as a FOLLOWER you. You can send and receive "tweets" via the Twitter website, SMS or external applications. This service is free of charge if used on the internet, but if it does not use SMS or access the Internet via mobile phone.

Twitter's popularity does not play. In November 2008, the number of Twitter users is predicted to reach 4-5 million people. Meanwhile, according to, Twitter since February has third ranks as the three social network sites the most widely used after Facebook and MySpace. One month later ordain as Twitter site with the fastest growth in terms of community members during February 2009 with a growth of 1,382 percent. As well as Facebook, Twitter also makes the important range of take care after it to get big profit. On 13 February, Twitter announced a log has been authorized to reach 35 million United States dollars. However, saying "the higher the tree, the more the wind" also applies to the popularity of Twitter.

Number of Twitter users that increased significantly since 2007 not only bring praise, but the jug complaint. On the one hand the claim that Twitter fans to be a good way for them to keep in touch with friends or relations, a busy place in the remote. On the other hand, because the connection with the delayed start twitter with the incoming message on the hours of rest, telephone bill is higher and the need to receive the status that is not important.

The key to avoid the problems mentioned above is actually typing tweet: just turn off the inclusion of a reminder message that your phone is not a lot of notification. However, with the difference if you are already addicted, so get a degree "twitterholic".