In computer graphics, the two types of image formats, including Raster or bitmap and vector. Each format has advantages and also some of the existing shortfall. For that you must be selective in choosing. If you need a picture with a high level of detail, the format is a bitmap of your choice is right. However, if you select the image format with the vector, the level of detail will be generated image of a low.

Bitmap image from the arranged point in the color. Bitmap images are usually used for in the field of photography. Meanwhile, the image vector using basic techniques such as point, line, curve, and form of the polygon. Point, line, curve, is prepared by using coordinates, and can also be filled with some color pictures. Because this system uses, then the format vector images can be enlarged and also reduce, without changing the quality of the detail of the image.

While the format of bitmap images, as this image consists of a number of pixels which is fixed, but will be decreased and if it changes the picture enlarged. Because that are scalable, many designers who use the system image and vector formats. In addition to scalable, image format using the vectors also have a more artistic touch, with the format of the bitmap image. You are interested to collect the image vectors of famous designers? If you're interested, you can find the picture on the Internet. As in This website is a vector design that you can download, and is used for private purposes or for commercial. Until now, there are more than 120 vector images that you can download. Vector image file format is much more, so make sure before you download, you already have an application to open a picture.