Here are some instructions for use in your e-mail to assist you in handling e-mail correctly and protect your data.

Prevent the entry of viruses and spam
are often assigned through e-mail. You can reduce the spread of the virus e-mail significantly by using antivirus software; use only the services that offer automatic antivirus protection, such as AOL, Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo, only to open the e-mail from a trusted source. Spam can be defined as bulk e-mail that is not expected and related to the junk mail that you have in your mailbox.

You can reduce the amount of spam received the alert be put in an e-mail address. Do not enter your e-mail address on Web sites that request it. Do not forward chain e-mail because it often shows the e-mail address to other people.

Avoid phishing attacks
Tricks done phishing to steal personal user data. They often use e-mail to disrupt the recipient e-mail in order to provide personal data, such as credit card number, account username, password, and even your bank account number.

Managing Inbox
Sort e-mail by priority, subject, date, sender, and the other to help you find the e-mail that you must immediately response. Ethics in the e-mail requires you to respond to all e-mail on time. Usually, you must respond to e-mail your business partners in one day.