Is a worm that emerged in October 2008.
Conficker able to attack Windows and the most widely found is Windows XP. Microsoft has issued a patch to stop this worm on 15 October 2008. And according to some observers in the field of security, Conficker have been attacked more than 2.5 million PC on 15 January 2009. Not satisfied with the attack that was made by Conficker, namely Conficker B, the virus is now ready to launch the new variants that Conficker C.

This variant appears as a form of resistance to security vendors, particularly some of the security vendors are trying to protect your entire PC from malicious virus attacks or some malware. For that to all PC users, especially those often connected with the Internet should always be cautious with this virus.

And according to information that has been circulating, virus attack to do this in a way make a connection to more than 75,000 between the different domains with each other to update the copy. And that we need to do to prevent the occurrence of these attacks, some of the largest IT companies, including Microsoft, Symantec, and a few others have tried to do the registration and re-Locking up the domain name on the site of their own. And that we need to do this so that the virus does not attack us on the PC is the way to the latest update from the Antivirus on the computer we have.