Bezier Tool
Is a straight line or curve formed with the various sections, and connect with some pivot point. Each point has a bearing capacity to control and determine the modified form of the curved line. Bezier tool in the program Corel draw x4 give freedom to the user to form the straight line or curve.

Interactive Fill
This function is to establish a special process in the color gradation software Corel draw. The process of color can be done with a fine two or more colors are applied to images linier, radial, and so forth.

Text Tool
This facility serves to create and write the text. In Corel draw, the text divided into two categories, namely: the artistic text is text that can be processed with the artistic add special effects such as blend, extrude, and so forth. While the text is a paragraph of text that can be treated and managed as in the word processing program such as Microsoft word.

Blending Tool
This facility is used to calculate vector objects that make up the effect the change from one object to certain other objects (through the different stages of change and color).

Spiral Tool
This facility is used to create vector objects with a rotating in Corel draw. This tool provides the option of drawing an object spiral logarithms and symmetrical.