If you like drawing a 3D object, but do not have to use applications such as the right to use, and easy to use, here I introduce a software application for 3D images, which may still quite new for you, is one of Google Sketchup 7, in addition to the software is free, also easy in the fields, you can download at this site. Thus, it is expected that if we want to portray objects around us. Many of us can make a model 3D.You can create a 3D form easily through the use of the application, where we can make sketches, and various forms of the monastery into a 3D object is perfect.

One of the applications that can be used freely and for free, currently available on the internet, is one of Google SketchUp, such as already mentioned above. This application has the ability to create a 3D model of an object around you, such as houses, buildings, and also various other objects. This application may be in accordance with your very interested in 3D graphics design applications. Not only form of the model, but the pattern and the pattern of these models can look more realistic by using this application.

The finished design can be exported to the format of the image that others, such as jpg, tif, png, and bitmap. Here, you do not need to make the experience in the form of a 3D image to be able to use this application, but will still be required for users to read the documentation and tutorials to the maximum in use. Make sure you have the operating system. Net Framework version 2 to at least be able to run this application, so you need to note here also are factors.