All about adsense is always interest to discuss about them. And here, I will share some tips and tricks about how to increase your adsense earning. And I hope with this tip, your adsense earning will be increase. A few tips and tricks that follow will change visitors into the executor Adsense blog so that increase your Adsense income:

Ensuring that your Adsense blog visitors come from search engines, like Google, Yahoo, or others. Because most of the visitors who really need to find information from the Internet using search engines.

Choose a theme
That attracts visitors. Likely visitors will click on Adsense do or become executor of Google Adsense that is relevant to the article read. Relevant ads will appear when the blog article focused on one theme, for example, about games or free download games.

English-language blog
Use language that is supported by Google Adsense, for it put adsense on the blog in English. By focusing on one theme and use the English language your Adsense have higher click value, because relevant with your blog articles.

Do not over fill your blog with adsense. Ads that you put on a blog should be able to add value or fill in the gaps and at the same time making your blog into a more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, in order not to fulfill your blog's layout, adjust the adsense background color with the color of your blog. This way, your adsense ads can appear more natural. Adsense is more optimal in pairs on the blog with the basic template of white or black color.

Amount of Ads
Put enough ads. Do you think with a lot of adsense, your income will be increase? Not necessarily, the less you put adsense increasingly relevant of your blog articles. You can experiment with this.
Install adsense link units on the title of the post.

Use a combination Ads Unit 468 x 60banners and one link unit 468 x 15. Two of these ads units complement each other and increase the desire to make visitors click on your adsense. Put Banner Ads appropriately. Banner adsense click value is higher than the text ads. For that, put banner ads in the right place in your blog, for example: in addition to the blog title, in the right sidebar, left, top, or in the footer.