If you find a good browser, Bolt browser promises a flash when you open a web page, the beta version of this browser has been downloaded as many as one million during the five month. If you are bored with the performance of a mobile browser because it is very slow, so now there is a new alternative that is quite promising. Bolt browser is the answer for an alternative browser that you need. Browser made Bit stream logo image with the flash, based on information that is able to open a web page on the phone, especially for mobile smartphone, and apparently 50% faster browser in general.

Symbol such as lightning, according to the site time in five months after the launch of the beta version to the public was quite enthusiastic and record one million downloads to the phone. Statistical record of Bit stream also quite amazing, Bolt browser was used to open the 61 million web pages and data traffic reaches 22,000 gigabytes. More than 20% is used to bolt browser online for 30 minutes in one event, and 50% used more than one hour. In the list of ten large, the browser is used to connect to social networking sites, search engines, web-based email, video streaming, and some other applications. And according to the site of the total bandwidth that is already used for access to video streaming. Facebook site ranks first visited the user's browser bolt.